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How to make your Social Media look more Professional

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Social Media is a huge part of today’s business world. With customers now looking to do online research in order to find the best possible product. Of course, you need to have an online presence however you could end up doing more damage than good for your brand. Don’t worry Positive Print are here to help. Check out 5 tips from us on how to make sure your Social Media presence looks professional.

Keep it Consistent

Consistency is key and without it you will just look like an amateur. Having disjointed branding will cause people to turn their nose up straight from the off. It will make you look disorganised or potentially even untrustworthy. The best way of avoiding this would be to store all your current marketing and branding resources in one place so that once it comes to changing something it won’t be one way on Facebook and maybe different on Twitter.

High Quality Content

If you are not sitting down and planning your social media strategy before you dive in, the chances are it’s all going to go a bit wrong. Spontaneity is needed in social media and with ever changing current events it is imperative that you are flexible. You need to keep up with what is going on in the world as you may stumble across that super rare viral tweet that can propel your business into the limelight. However, the use of poor quality content will not do you any favours in the world of social media. If your content doesn’t add any value to your follower’s day or engage them at all there’s no real point. Also, if you put low quality images and media out there for the world to see you will not gain any fans. With 90% of the information our brain receives being digital in today’s world it’s not going to make a good impression if your content isn’t easy on the eye.

Wealth of interaction

Being in touch with your customers and followers will go miles for you in order to build relationships. If you are failing to do so, people will think that you’re a company who doesn’t value their opinion and time. However, if you are seen to be interacting with people on social media then people are going to look at you and think, that’s somebody who appreciates my interest­ and they are more likely to give you their custom. If you’re not addressing complaints and queries you will never resolve any issues someone has with your company.

Be active

There is no cheat code for social media. Volume is key and you have to work hard at it in order to establish yourself in such a congested environment. Social media also works alongside SEO if done correctly you will propel yourself up the Google search results. If you have social media pages set up however don’t post on them frequently enough or they seem to be dormant then you are never going to build up a decent following as it looks like something that you don’t take seriously.


Sounds ever so simple, but, with today’s social media outlook something can be picked up and shared before you’ve even realised the mistake you’ve made. Say for example, you’ve tweeted something however a spelling mistake turns something into an unintended joke and before you even realise a large account has retweeted it and it’s got upwards of 150 impressions. You’ve now tarnished your company’s image and you look unprofessional from something that was just an honest mistake. Also, make sure you think through everything you post as even if something was meant in good heart someone may find it offensive or harmful even if it wasn’t intended as such.


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