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Crowd Stopping Solution


Solutions based company Argenta know only too well that to catch a potential clients’ attention you need to create an impact. As a key contender in the Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, and Defence industries standing out from the competition is of paramount importance and what better way to do so than sponsor the Midlands Aerospace Alliance  (MAA) Conference. They needed a crowd stopping solution.


With the exhibition looming and the pressure on to turnaround on a tight timescale Positive Print were approached with the task of creating suitable printed material. With visitors and keynote speakers that include senior staff from major Aerospace manufacturers the pressure was on to ensure that the graphics caught their attention but to also maintain the company’s brand integrity. With a variety of different items all to be printed on different substrates using various production processes it was going to be no easy feat to ensure that the colours all matched, especially as orange is a notoriously difficult colour!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 08.52.38


Positive Print believe in fully understanding their clients’ exacts needs and expectations, therefore the first task was to invite the client to come in and discuss with the artwork department the layout of the graphics. This enabled us to make amendments quickly and offer suitable alternatives saving precious time. Due to the challenge of colour matching correctly the litho printed items were produced first which consisted of laminated folders, these were then used to colour match the remaining items (pull up banner and digitally printed inserts). The end result was a happy client and a professional looking stand at the MAA exhibition – on time!

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